In the Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Our focus this month is on effective work environments and what HR professionals can do to support others in achieving a meaningful blend of all their interests. Now, more than ever, employers are having to develop new and supportive ways to help employees deal with all the anxiety and fear around the current pandemic. And … [Read more…]

HR Impact

In Melanie’s post earlier this month, she highlighted something that has puzzled me for many decades: the value of HR to an organization. Many business leaders might say that HR is employee-centric and I’m not convinced that they mean this in a positive and constructive way. And some of these business leaders are HR professionals. … [Read more…]

More on 2020

I was intrigued with Melanie’s post regarding the 2020 predictions for HR departments. And more so when I tried to think of these predictions in terms of an individual HR practitioner and not any particular organizational unit. My reason for pointing out the individual HR person, is that is where it all starts. It is … [Read more…]

And There Was More!

As an HR practitioner, I always find it interesting when an HR topic presents itself in several different ways and over several weeks. The topic of benefits is a recent example. You’ll note that the focus of the blog earlier this month was on the value of benefits with a particular reference to mental health … [Read more…]

More Heart!

Melanie’s post earlier this month reminded us that the workplace is more than just a place where we work.  In many cases, even in the gig economy, workplaces are where we spend most of our waking time.  And it is through the efforts of all of us that our economy remains robust and supports all … [Read more…]

Not Always as It Seems

I was quite intrigued with Melanie’s post earlier this month and the portrayal by CTV of sick leave abuses at Alberta Health Services. And the intrigue became more pronounced when AHS was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2019. How could this happen? In order to better understand what makes a top employer, … [Read more…]

What’s the Relationship Between Performance Appraisals and Technology?

When you first saw the title, you might have said: “nothing.”  However, if you have read the most recent Harvard Business Review on the agility of HR, you might have said, “everything.” In Melanie’s earlier post, she described performance management as a broad system of which a performance appraisal is an important element.  She also … [Read more…]