As We Move Forward

In her last post, Melanie so aptly reminded us about the need for reflection in order to help with all of our life lessons and our ability to move forward, grow and develop. This has made me think of my passion for gardening and the cycles from seeds to the wonderful produce I use and … [Read more…]

Thank u next

Spring has sprung (at least according to the calendar) and this signals that the end of another academic period is almost upon us. Over the past year the various blogs on this site have shared insights into key HR systems, processes and procedures. However, as addressed, the effective and strategic implementation of these concepts is … [Read more…]

What’s Ahead for HR?

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln In December, 2017 Forbes published an article regarding the key trends that would alter the work of Human Resource professionals throughout 2018: Four Key Trends for HR in 2018 Another article, published in late 2017, also addressed a similar topic:  How HR … [Read more…]


By the time you read this, classes will be over for the semester, and more than likely, exams will also be over. You then will be focusing on completing any marking, assigning student grades, and sending the grades to the student records unit. Once this is done, you can then enjoy the holidays with your … [Read more…]

Putting the “Fun” Back in a Function.

As the festive season approaches, I’ve been engaging in conversations with HR colleagues about upcoming holiday parties. Many have expressed concern that HR professionals should not be viewed as social conveners and therefore should not be responsible for planning these types of functions. However, given that a company’s greatest asset will be attending these functions … [Read more…]