More on 2020

I was intrigued with Melanie’s post regarding the 2020 predictions for HR departments. And more so when I tried to think of these predictions in terms of an individual HR practitioner and not any particular organizational unit.

My reason for pointing out the individual HR person, is that is where it all starts. It is the individual understanding and capabilities that influence what goes on in any organization. Of particular note is the need for an HR professional to understand the business. I have long encouraged students, no matter if all they take is an introductory course in HR, to have a thorough understanding of the business. This was reinforced in a recent HRTechNews article (Top HR transformation strategies for 2020) which described both the desire and business need to better align human capital (people) management with overall business goals.

While many students who are taking your course may not have much business or life experience, you have an opportunity to help shape those experiences. You can help them understand the impact on them as employees when people practices are not aligned with the business. Even though your course is finished for the term, you could use this concept to introduce the course the next time. You might even want to pose questions such as “Of any work experiences you’ve had, did the HR practices help the company achieve its goals?” Ask them to explain their responses and even share any of your own experiences.

As Melanie and I’ve stressed for many months, the world of HR is complex and not easy to grasp. You’ll help your students make sense of it.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Eileen Stewart, BA, MBA

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