By the time you read this, classes will be over for the semester, and more than likely, exams will also be over. You then will be focusing on completing any marking, assigning student grades, and sending the grades to the student records unit. Once this is done, you can then enjoy the holidays with your … [Read more…]

Putting the “Fun” Back in a Function.

As the festive season approaches, I’ve been engaging in conversations with HR colleagues about upcoming holiday parties. Many have expressed concern that HR professionals should not be viewed as social conveners and therefore should not be responsible for planning these types of functions. However, given that a company’s greatest asset will be attending these functions … [Read more…]

Not Always as It Seems

I was quite intrigued with Melanie’s post earlier this month and the portrayal by CTV of sick leave abuses at Alberta Health Services. And the intrigue became more pronounced when AHS was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2019. How could this happen? In order to better understand what makes a top employer, … [Read more…]

Tensions and Clashes

As we move into the latter part of 2018, it is timely that Melanie wrote about some of the tensions that can develop when people’s interests and requirements clash. For example, while she described a couple of scenarios in the airline industry, there are numerous other situations in every organization in every sector of the … [Read more…]

Who said HR is boring? (AKA individual rights, policy requirements and things that make you go hmmmm?)

“Unfortunately God gave all the easy problems to the physicists” – James G. March As an HR professional I want to believe that I can represent and support the rights and interests of all employees. However, what happens when different people’s interests and requirements clash? The example of the passenger who wanted to bring a … [Read more…]

Why we love HR

The title of this post may have caused you to do a double take. So often we hear about what HR is doing wrong and why people don’t value or respect what people in this profession do. However, I beg to differ. HR professionals are the heart of an organization. A company may be compared … [Read more…]

The End Is Really Just the Beginning

In typical fashion the academic term seems to have flown by for me.  I can scarcely believe that I am once again wrapping up my teaching of Introduction to Human Resources. When summarizing the course content with students in lieu of merely looking back at what we covered throughout the semester (i.e. instead of just … [Read more…]