What’s the Relationship Between Performance Appraisals and Technology?

When you first saw the title, you might have said: “nothing.”  However, if you have read the most recent Harvard Business Review on the agility of HR, you might have said, “everything.” In Melanie’s earlier post, she described performance management as a broad system of which a performance appraisal is an important element.  She also … [Read more…]

#Timesup for HR

The issue of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior has been pervasive in recent news. What began as sensational Hollywood reports is now impacting all workplaces. The latest developments in Canadian organizations and our political landscape serve to highlight that this issue is not a passing trend or something that only impacts other people.  I was recently … [Read more…]

What’s New is Old Again!

Yes, this is a play on the title of Melanie’s post earlier this month. However, it is also titled as a thought-provoking statement. Think about the number of times something “new” has been introduced or promoted in the HR profession. Let’s look at employee engagement. It was first defined by William Kahn in 1990 and … [Read more…]

Everything Old is New Again

“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.”  John Dewey Welcome to 2018! As we ring in the new year this is a perfect time to examine our work as HR professionals and/or educators and reflect on the impact we have on others.  In January people often set goals and think about changes that … [Read more…]

Does Gender Really Matter?

There have been some interesting developments that address the ongoing issue of gaps and inequities in the workplace due to gender. The following research indicates that women will never have the same presence on Boards, as they are not as competitive as men and do not have the proper work style/approach: Gender Balance on Boards … [Read more…]