Why Would Your Students Care About Job Design?

You may recall from our earlier posts this term that we are trying to provide additional support to linking the textbook materials with your students. Melanie’s last post spoke of the way in which the interests and concerns of employees need to be handled during a natural disaster. The focus of this post is around … [Read more…]

Expect the Unexpected

At this point in the term you have likely covered (or are addressing) Creating a Culture of Well Being with students. As simple as these concepts may seem they are, in fact, difficult to enact. Topical examples to bring this point to life are the natural disasters that have impacted numerous people. Many companies were not … [Read more…]

The World of Human Resource Management: Or How Do I Make This Subject Relevant and Interesting to My Students?

As Melanie mentioned in her post, we all start the new teaching year anxious about being in the classroom. You were provided some great tips regarding the first day of class. But what about the other classes? One of the ways to help your students understand the usefulness of this course is to discuss with … [Read more…]

Welcome to the New Term/Onboarding for Intro to HR

As per my usual experience, at the start of a new academic year I am filled with excitement and some apprehension. Even after all my years of teaching (almost 30 years as an instructor) I spend time deeply thinking about the classes that I will begin teaching and experience butterflies in my stomach. What will … [Read more…]

Who Do the “HR-Doo” Like You Do?*

*While this post is targeted to teachers, the concepts and resources can be used by anyone in the HR profession to craft a philosophy statement and to clearly illuminate why it is you choose to do this work and what you strive to accomplish. In her last post Eileen Stewart reminded us that we, as educators, have a … [Read more…]

Are You Putting Your Best Foot Forward?

Recent news stories have been filled with articles and opinions regarding dress codes, with a specific focus on the requirement for women to wear high heels at work.  Many employers (not just those in the hospitality industry) stress to their employees that professional appearance and proper grooming are key expectations within the employment contract.  I’ve shared with … [Read more…]

Organizational Structure, Wellness, and Anxiety

In her post at the beginning of this month, Melanie provided some insights regarding workplace anxiety. In her comments, she suggested that employee anxiety can have implications on business results, reputation and branding. Anxiety can also impact the overall health and wellness of the organization. While there are many things that can create anxiety and … [Read more…]